How To Get Rid Of Pregnancy nausea - 3 Outstanding Cures!

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Published: 17th November 2010
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Learning how to get rid of morning sickness is significant so you can enjoy your pregnancy. There are many great cures and remedies handy in this day and age that will bring great relief to pregnancy nausea sufferers. Many women don't realize this and continue to suffer but with a little research and good advice you can find a path to morning sickness relief quicker than you know it.

Having suffered through pretty bad morning sickness myself during my first pregnancy I decided that I would do anything in the world not to go through that same ordeal during my second pregnancy. I researched everywhere and got some fantastic advice from professionals and other women who had trialled with many other treatments to help stop their pregnancy nausea. After 8 weeks of being pregnant with my second child the queasiness started to kick in but I was prepared this time.

Here's a list of 3 cures that worked for me and hopefully work for you too...

1 - Preggie Pops: these lollipops worked a treat in relieving my pregnancy nausea. Whenever I got a little squeamish I would start to suck on one of these and really quickly I would get relief from my queasiness. They are made from all natural ingredients and essential oils that have anti-emetic qualities to help appease your tummy. They come in excellent flavors too!

2 - Ginger: this is one of nature's presents to us ladies who suffer from morning sickness. It's anti-emetic qualities are precious. Just add some to your diet and this will go a long way in giving you some relief. I used to suck on it in candy form and found it a great comfort! You can also get ginger in tea form, capsule/tablet form, by drinking ginger ale and even in chewing gum. Preggie pops also make a ginger flavored lollipop to support you.

3 - Acupressure: this is by far the most effective treatment that I found in helping me deal with my sickness. It's an eastern medicine technique that has been used for many years with great effectiveness. I was a bit doubtful at first but after following the End Morning Sickness Ebook by Claire Batten which gives you a step-by-step guide on how to implement the acupressure technique I was dumbfounded at the results! Within 24 hours of implementing the treatment I found that I had total relief from all of my pregnancy nausea symptoms. I kept using this easy to learn practice combined with the other treatments above and before I knew it (about week 11) I was free from pregnancy nausea for the rest of my pregnancy! Hooray!

So, with morning sickness effecting around 50-90% of ladies during pregnancy, it is important to find morning sickness cures that work to bring fast and productive relief so you can enjoy this momentous time of your life.

Acupressure is one cure that worked very quickly and conclusively for me and for over 95% of ladies that have applied the technique correctly. To find out more about this great remedy and to get relief from your morning sickness please read my review on the end morning sickness ebook (a step-buy-step manual on practicing acupressure corectly for quick relief of pregnancy nausea). Good luck ladies!

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